Jerusalem Mayor Hits L.A. in Bid for Hollywood Filming

Making films and television in Jerusalem is “not only good business, it’s good Zionism,” says Barkat. “It’s the right thing to do.” Barkat’s two-day L.A. visit included sit-downs with several studio executives and a reception hosted by singer Pat Boone and Jon Voight at Boone’s Beverly Hills home. Boone, a conservative Republican and devout Evangelical Christian, gave his original lyric notes for the song “Exodus” to the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. STORY: Israel’s Keshet Media Group to Host TV Conflab in Jerusalem Barkat’s film production initiative is modeled after New York City’s highly successful effort, building on an existing infrastructure of the city’s film schools and international film festival, complemented by a new package of tax incentives. The Israeli government first enacted a law in 2008 offering tax breaks to foreign film companies, though the incentives were far lower than what other countries were giving. In 2011, the government upped the offering to $400,000 in tax breaks per project. In addition, says Barkat, Jerusalem is prepared to offer more than $12 million in additional subsidies, a substantial sum by Israeli standards. A special city department already has been set up to issue filming permits and help with on-location logistics. Projects recently shot in Israel include the country’s Oscar-nominated feature Footnotes and scenes from Showtime’s Homeland, which is based on an Israeli series and shot in the more cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv.
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Spider-Man and two Captain Americas in Hollywood brawl

Why, only the other day, fans of “Doctor Who” and “Star Wars” were involved in a slightly unseemly incident in the U.K. Perhaps, though, superheroes must fight — which is why the authorities might want to take advantage.
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The Hollywood Reporter’s Best Stories of the Week FOX’S MIKE DARNELL: DID HE JUMP, OR WAS HE PUSHED? The reality chief claimed the exit was his decision, but sources say “American Idol’s” plunging ratings are likely at fault: Darnell tells THR, “I can’t imagine that if M(asterisk)A(asterisk)S(asterisk)H had been on for 10 years. it would have been pummeled the same way.” NBC’S HARD NEWS STRATEGY HELPS IN RATINGS WAR WITH ABC All “Today’s” anchors plus Brian Williams turned up in Oklahoma, as the embattled network’s news shows (including a primetime special) beat both Diane Sawyer and ‘Good Morning America’. HOLLYWOOD YOUTUBE CHANNELS HIT WITH HIDDEN COST A 2010 law requiring closed captioning on all TV programming that airs online means an unexpected outlay of big bucks: Says producer Roger Corman, “We have no choice.” JERUSALEM MAYOR HITS L.A. IN BID FOR HOLLYWOOD FILMING Nir Barkat pitches Israel’s capital as a prime location for film and TV, offering NYC-style incentives: “Good business. good Zionism.” THR EMMY ROUNDTABLE: 6 DRAMA ACTRESSES ON DEATH THREATS, POST BABY AUDITIONS Monica Potter, Kerry Washington, Kate Mara, Connie Britton, Anna Gunn and Elizabeth Moss reveal the toilet-cleaning jobs they’d like to forget in an uncensored chat about making it in the competitive world of series TV and how to respond when fans say “You look so much bigger on camera!” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER’S 20 MOST INFLUENTIAL CHEFS IN HOLLYWOOD The first-ever list spotlights the culinary icons and rising influencers of L.A., from the vegan chef loved by Ginnifer Goodwin to Carl Reiner’s favorite Austrian sausage-maker. THE TOP 25 DRAMA SCHOOLS IN THE WORLD New York’s Julliard School leads the pack as The Hollywood Reporter ranks the programs where Meryl Streep, Jessica Chastain and Jon Krasinski learned the ropes. WHY DINING OUT ISN’T ALWAYS A CAKEWALK FOR ALTON BROWN The “Food Network Star” mentor and “Good Eats” creator says it’s “tacky” to make your own reservations and smuggles out comped dishes in his wife’s purse: “You can’t stay on a show if you can’t see your feet.” 4 ICONIC RESTAURANT DISHES FIRST CREATED IN L.A. The chefs who invented now-famous and copycatted dishes reveal how they happened.
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Access Hollywood Live To Join E!’s Afternoon Lineup

“Pop culture fanatics understand that the E! network and Access Hollywood are the top destinations for entertainment news. Adding Access Hollywood Live to E!’s robust programming lineup is sure to leave viewers wanting more. E!’s audience will appreciate that Access Hollywood Live is fun, spontaneous and always unpredictable.” Access Hollywood Live , which broadcasts daily at 11 AM ET, currently airs on various network stations nationwide. Comcast Corporation is the parent company of Access Hollywood Live and E!. Copyright 2013 by NBC Universal, Inc . All rights reserved.
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